On an apocalyptic note- A Snapshot

Sometimes I feel the urge to just write and thoughts that have collected over time come gushing out. Kind of like when you have a cold and your nose is stuffy and- Never mind. So I just wanted to share here something I had come up with on a grey rainy field trip. I wanted it to be the beginning of my apocalyptic novel (Yeah right! Because there are so few of those around lately) but that didn't really work out and now it remains what I like to call a 'Snapshot'. A moment of inspiration that isn't followed by anything of the sort for a long, long time. So here we go-

It is cold. The wet has gotten everywhere. Perhaps I should have taken the jacket when my mother asked me to, for all the good it would do me now. The very concept of warmth has dissolved in the myriad rivulets that run down my back like icy serpents, slowly binding me in their frozen embrace. Tomorrow looks much like today does and yesterday did. Bleak.


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