Another apocalyptic snapshot

Back when I still had some crazy notion that I was going to write an apocalypse story, I came up with the following snapshot-

I don't know how the end of our species came about. Perhaps it was initiated in stately boardrooms by men and women wearing sharp grey suits and steely expressions. Maybe it happened because the people who could have stopped it were busy doodling on their pads while the crucial decisions were being made. It could have started in a lab, clean and sterile, with smiling faces in white labcoats  patting each other on the back. It may have been generals with itchy fingers or fatcats with big wallets and small minds. It doesn't matter anymore.

Meanwhile, James Patterson (of Along Came a Spider fame) wrote the very story I would have (could have/should have) wanted to write. In his fantastic end-of-the-world-esque ZOO, he brings on the apocalypse in the most unexpected fashion possible. Ever imagine your sweet labrador tearing your throat out? You better, because in this book the animals are at war with humans, and are winning. And we brought it upon ourselves. Go ahead, read it and you'll never look at your pet the same way again. I double-'dog'-dare you.
(Ooh turns out it is now a graphic novel too.)


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