Pseudo-intelligent Nonsense!!

There hangs the gibbous moon,
And I hear a susurration in the night,
As the cadaverous Viking picks a fight
With a mellifluous Baboon.
Galvanized by the discordant duet
A circumspect Wagtail dyes her supercilium
While flatulent Chieftans inhale some helium
And squeakily compose a quintette.
Pugnacious Cannoneers display a little animosity,
Wrecking the visage of several cantankerous Pugs.
This bacchanalian gathering, quaffs mead from jugs
While ruminating on this literary atrocity.


  1. Excellent!
    Though more in the tradition of Edward Lear rather than Ogden Nash.
    I guess the wagtail supercilium was dyed wreath white on obsidian black.. to partake of your literary allusions overflowing from jugs of mead.

  2. Then I must really read up on Edward Lear, my experience having been limited to Nash.


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