(Not) A haiku journey through Central India!

Greetings!! I have momentarily surfaced from blogging slumber to bring to you my experiences trudging through the wildlife parks of Central India. Alright, not trudging, more like sleeping in the back of the car as we go from park to hotel to jungle lodge. Not to forget the eating. I'm sure my parents are secretly exposing me to all this food, knowing I'm bound to eat it. It probably increases their chances of seeing a tiger if it sees or smells fattened bait in the vicinity. Now, we all know I am lazy. If you didn't and my infrequent blogging has not alerted you to the fact, let me tell it to you- I am lazy. Incredibly lazy. So I am going to save myself time and tell you about my journey in the form of haikus. 
For the uninitiated, Haiku is a Japanese poem with many complicated rules, which I am not going to delve into now. In English, is a short poem of upto three lines that uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience in nature or an aspect of the human condition. There are certain techniques which are followed while writing this, but I will not bore myself with those. What I am going to do, is write about each place I have been to, in 3 lines. No rules, no complications. In fact, I shouldn't even be calling this a haiku. There! I just changed the title. Happy there, Language Nazis? This is a three-lined-poetic description of my journey. Do not expect your mind to be blown.


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