Movie Soundtracks that I like at this moment in Time

This post is about (Cue, the long title) some songs from movies that I like. This could mean a number of things- Either they are songs I like from some movies, or songs from some movies I liked or even songs I liked from movies I liked. I hope we find out as we progress. Also, this is by no means a complete list. I probably won't be including all the greatest songs from all the greatest films I watched (Scratch that, I definitely won't be doing that). However there are some songs that affected me on a deeper level or begged me to listen to them more than once. These are just some that I can recall right now (As they say, off the top of my head).
That last sentence becomes a lot  more violent with the addition of the  word "with", as this headless chicken would agree. Sigh, child, why ever did  you not major in English? Aww shucks, you're too kind. 

Safe and Sound- (Taylor Swift)- Hunger Games

First things first. I am a great fan of the books, and am one of those who was grateful that the movie was well adapted. Also, if you haven't read the books or watched the movie, I suggest you do. I found in them a rare directness which keeps one hooked until the very end. All through the movie I was stuck in my seat with my eyes glued to the screen, only looking back once to curse at the barbarians in the back who had the nerve to laugh. Coming to the soundtrack, it is one of those songs that I had to listen to a couple of times before it actually started to appeal to me. Taylor Swift  keeps it sombre enough to reflect the mood of the movie in a refreshing change from her usual fare and somehow, I can't stop listening to it now.

Sound of Silence-(Simon and Garfunkel)- Watchmen

Another movie on the list which has been adapted from a book, although much more controversially. Alan Moore's masterpiece (Here masterpiece = Epic involving commentary on war, violence, superheroes and related issues)  could never be successfully translated to the silver screen, but I'd say that Zack Snyder's Watchmen is one of the best efforts that could possibly have been made. And from all the songs that are included in the film, I found that this one best captures the spirit of it. I cannot really define it, but the feeling I get while listening to the song is a bleak one, intermingled with some hopefulness here and there. Yes, I didn't make much sense there. No, I'm not going to correct it. Take a listen for yourselves.(The version here is an extended one, with an instrumental after the actual song. The video is well edited though).

Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Uasal)-(Emma Thompson and Peigi Barker) - Brave

The animated movie Brave was quite an interesting one, as Disney movies go. It had one of the strongest and most independent female characters known to animated film-kind and managed to tell a sweet story that had a little of everything. There was action, adventure, oodles of drama, laughs, tears and a feel good factor a mile high. However if we look past the regular Disney fare, at its heart the movie focuses on something special- the relationship a daugher shares with her mother. This seldom explored aspect of  family is dealt with thoughtfully by the film and has ensured that it will remain among my favourites for a long time. The song I'm posting here is the one Merida and her mother bond over and although I don't understand a word of it, there is an innate sense of well being that arises after listening to it. It helps that Gaelic is such a beautiful (albeit non understandable) tongue.

Sexy Silk-(Jessie J)- Easy A

Now this is an entry which is radically different from the previous ones. The thing is, I just watched Easy A and could not help but put this song up. I am a sucker for movies with smart, witty dialogue, and this film with its tongue-in-cheek comments and natural acting, delivers on all fronts. Emma Stone is perfect as the fake-promiscuous good hearted teen and her performance is absolutely endearing.( Yes, I am a fan. Don't look at me like that.) From the many tracks included in the movie, I found that this one conveys most the tone that Stone's character strives for-be it A for adultery or A for awesome. Take a listen to it and although I don't think it is a song that one would fall in love with immediately, it tends to grow on you.


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